2021 Low Res Challenge

“A Character On A Journey”

2021 LowResChallenge Theme

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Art is an important skill for any creative career, even in disciplines such as game development, the most successful developers are those who have an idea of how to tell complex stories that anyone can understand.

On June 27th, 2021 we began our first #LowResChallenge, an event focused on introducing students to the art of expressing themselves creatively through pixel art.

On the first day we were joined by Bryan DePuy, a talented game designer with over 9 years of experience within the Game Making industry, who hosted an introduction to Pixel Art in video games and showed ways that students can use to improve their skills in expressing themselves.

You can find more information about the challenge through the link below: https://forms.gle/gkPiJSzNiKGPpDEMA