2021 LowResChallenge

2021 Winner

“Just like the start of any game our character embarks on a journey overlooking the horizon of her new world.”

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About the winner

Hey I am a streamer currently studying computer programming! I love video games and I wanna share my experiences with other people. I stream rhythm games and a variety of other games. I stream every Friday and Saturday at 9pm EST.

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“I really loved this because of how much it tells a story from an outsiders perspective!”

“This is really awesome! I especially love the colours”

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“A young mage has her eyes set on defeating the legendary kraken. This journey is just the beginning of her potential.”


“The journey is the beginning of her potential, it exemplifies it well and the colour scheme is also pretty good”

“The character is trekking in an unknown land during the night, surrounded by strange floating entities of immeasurable size in the starry sky. The only visible surroundings are the path ahead, the mountains, and in the far distance and many days away, a glowing obelisk can be seen shining against the night sky.”


I love the colours you chose for this!