Duck, Art, and Video Games

If you’ve ever played a game and started wondering “how do people make these things? 🤔”, then you’re not alone. It was these sparkles of curiosity that made me discover the world of programming and game development. Since then, coding and making video games have been a hobby of mine that I would spend hoursContinue reading “Duck, Art, and Video Games”

Week 4: Intro to Blender + Character animation with Mixamo

During week 4 we introduced the Blender software, and went over how to do basic and fundemental modelling of 3D objects. Finally, at the end of our session we covered how to use Mixamo to create professional looking animations with minimal work. We hope you enjoy! During weeks 2 and 3 we followed the followingContinue reading “Week 4: Intro to Blender + Character animation with Mixamo”